Thursday, May 16, 2019

Ini Dia! 17 Contoh Procedure Text Terbaru 2019


   Kalian sudah tau procedure text, tapi bingung mau nulis apa saja, berikut ini saya punya beberapa refrensi untuk kalian yg mau buat procedure text, langsung saja ini dia 17 contoh procedure text nya.


     1. 200 grams of carrots
     2.100 ml boiled water
     3. 4 sweet oranges
     4. Sugar to taste (if less sweet)
     5. Ice cubes as needed

     First,Wash the carrots until they are clean and then peeled and diced.
     Second, Split the sweet orange and grab the water. Enter the carrots, water and sugar into the blender. Puree.
     After that, Add the orange juice and stir until blended.
     Last,Pour into a serving glass and add ice cubes to taste. Serve for two glasses.

2. How To Make Coconut Coco Pandan Ice

   Ingredienst :
50 cc syrup marjan coco pandanus
3 grams of cream
100 grams of young coconut
Coconut water to taste
Ice cubes as needed
10 cc Hot water

   Material :
Cereal spoon
Serving glass

  First enter the creamer into the glass, add a little hot water, then stir
  Second, the input of syrup marjan then coconut and coconut water to taste,
  Finally, input ice cubes to taste and stir until blended.

3. How To Make Krispy Mushrooms
3 grams of pepper
5 grams of salt
10 grams of MSG
1 egg
300 grams of rice flour
200 gram tapioca flour
100 grams Oyster mushrooms

Large basin
Small basin

  First, mix the flour and tapioca flour, then stir until blended in the large basin.
  After that, mushroom mushrooms into several parts then washed and then squeeze until dry
  Next, season the mushrooms with the spices and mix 1 egg then mix well and mushroom input along with the dough into the basin containing the flour, all parts of mushrooms covered in flour
  Then, fry one by one mushrooms simultaneously until the golden yellow color
  Finally, serve the mushrooms to the plate and add a bit of sauce to make it more delicious

4. How To Make Mendoan

  150 grams of rice flour
  50 gram tapioca flour
  3 grams of salt
  6 grams of MSG
  10 grams of garlic
  10 grams of red onion
  6 grams of cilantro
  5 grams of green onion
  Enough water
  4 sheets of thin tempe

  Small basin

  First, mix the rice flour and tapioca flour, stirring until blended
Secondly, spice up the spices until evenly then mix with the flour-flour earlier
  After that, enter the water into the flour yng already in the spice earlier, input the leek that has been cut into pieces, and stir it until evenly distributed.
  Next, input tempe alternately, and make sure all the tempe in the flour,
  Then, fry the tempe in hot oil and finally serve it in warm conditions.

5. How To Make Krispy Fish

5 grams of garlic that has been in the puree
3 grams of pepper
5 grams of salt
10 grm vetsin
1 egg
300 grams of rice flour
200 gram tapioca flour
80 grams of tuna fish already in the filet

  Large basin
  Small basin

  First, mix the flour and tapioca flour, then stir until blended in the large basin
  Next, season the fish with the spices and mix 1 egg and mix well
  After that, input the fish along with the dough into the basin containing the flour, all covered with flour
  Then, fry one by one fish simultaneously to the golden yellow color
  Finally, lift, drain, and sliced ​​the krispy fish on to the plate and add a little sauce to make it more delicious

6. How To Brew Coffee Naice O drip

  1 set of Nice O Drip contains:
  1 sachets creamer
  2 black coffee sachets
  1 piece of filtered glass
  Enough hot water

Equipment :
 1 teaspoon
 1 small cup

  First, open the nice o drip wrap, peel the cremer and its coffee, then input into the filtered glass
  Next, insert the creamer into the cup, then place the filter glass on top.
  Then, pour the hot water slowly into the filtered glass, wait until the cup is almost full
  Finally, take a filtered glass, and stir in the coffee in the cup, drink while still hot.

7. How To Make Milk pudding

Ingredients :
  1 gelatin powder syrup
  100 cc Nestle white milk
  400 cc mineral water

  Small pot
  Loang tea sponge
  Small baking pan

  First, the water input, gelatin simultaneously into the pan and then in the heat
  Second, stir the water, so as not to clot
  Furthermore, if the water has boiled, turn off the stove, put milk and stir until evenly distributed
  Finally, pour the jelly into a baking sheet and leave it to harden, cut into chunks, pudding ready to eat.

8. How To Make Orange Coconut Ice

  400 grams of sweet orange
  50 cc of liquid sugar
  100 grams of young coconut coconut water to taste
  Ice cubes as needed

Materials :
  Serving glass
  Cereal spoon
  Orange squeezer

  First, squeeze the oranges and get the water
  Second, put the liquid sugar into the glass
  Third, put the orange juice into the glass
  Next, put coconut and coconut water together
  Finally, add ice cubes to taste, coconut orange ice ready to eat.

9. How To Make Ca kangkung Chicken

Recipe :
  10 grams of garlic
  50 grams chicken filet
  200 grams of kangkung already cut
  200 cc oyster sauce
  10 cc soy sauce
  10 cc sesame oil
  50 cc of oil

Material :

Steps :
  First, heat the oil and then input the garlic that has been in cut
  Secondly, if the onion is fragrant, input chicken filet, stir-fry until both are cooked
  Next, input watercress that has been washed, in the input of sauce of oysters
  Then add the soy sauce, stirring the hinga wilt, and add the sesame oil.
  Finally, lift and serve watercress on a plate, eat it while still warm

10. How To Make Fried Rice Petty

Ingredients :
  250 grams of white rice
  10 + 10 cc soy sauce
  10 grams of MSG
  5 grams of pepper
  10 grams of garlic leeks
  30 grams Ika teri that has been fried
  10 grams of teri
  50 cc of cooking oil
  1 egg

  Shake glass

  First, heat the oil and then input the eggs that have been shaken, fry to chocolate, and add 10 cc of soy sauce.
  Second, input the rice, stir and make sure there is no rice that clumps
  Then add 10 cc soy sauce, pepper, pete, anchovy, and vetsin
  Next, stirring the rice until the spices are evenly distributed, and the rice is rather dry
  Finally, put onion leaf, and serve on a plate

11. How To Create Catapults

Materials and tools :
  1 The wooden branches are in the form of the letter Y
  2 nipple rubber
  4 rubber bands
  1 thick cloth
  1 scissors
  1 knife

  First, cut the log from its branch and make it look like the letter Y
  Next, make a coat at both ends to multiply the nipple on both of the cats
  After that, tift the nipple on both ends of the branch and fasten tightly with the rubber band
  Then, cut the cloth using scissors to make it rectangular, and hole both ends.
  Finally, telent the nipple on each hole in the fabric by using a rubber band.

12. How To Create Gun Bamboo

Tools and materials :
  1 bamboo widht ± 3 cm long ± 10 cm
  1 bamboo widht ± 3 cm long ± 4 cm
  1 thick bamboo length ± 10 cm

  First, cut each bamboo to the desired size, long bamboo for barrel, short bamboo for handle, and thick bamboo pusher
  Second, form a thick bamboo to become a round stick and its length does not exceed the barrel
  Next, cut the short bamboo as a handle, and push the bamboo pusher into it, press it until tight.
  Finally, try to go in and remove the bamboo pusher until it feels comfortable when in and out

13. How To Make Omelet

Recipe :
  1 egg
  5 grams of salt
  7 grams of leek

Tools :

Step :
  First, cut the short-spaced leeks
Then, break the eggs and into the bowl and add salt and onion
  After that, shake the egg until everything is well blended
  Next, heat the oil on the stove with low heat, then input the egg into the pan, fry it until light brown, after ripe lift and drain the egg, the omelet ready to eat.

14. How To Make Pecak Tahu

  3 white tofu (raw)
  5 grams of chili pepper
  10 grams of green cayenne
  5 grams of salt
  7 grams of MSG
  5 grams of garlic

Marinade tofu
  10 grams of cilantro
  15 grams of salt
  20 grams of MSG
  10 grams of garlic
  300 cc water
  Everything is milled and mixed into the water.

Tools :
  1 small basin

  First piece of tofu triangle shape, input into the bath before.
  Second, fried tofu, garlic, green chili, green cayenne, until cooked
Set cooked, mashed green pepper, green chilli, garlic then in Love salt and vetsin.
  Then if the sidah destroyed, add 1 tablespoon hot oil into chopped sauce, then the again until flat
  Finally, the input tofu into chopped sambel, then in the mash up to split into several parts, taraaa snake tofu sip in the meal.

15. How To Make Soup gurameh

Ingredients :
  250 grams of gurameh
  30 grams of ginger (in peel)
  20 grams laos
  25 grams of lemongrass
  4 green wheat seeds
  10 grams of red onion
  5 bay leaves
  20 grams of salt
  30 grams of MSG
  15 grams of roico
  10 grams of pepper
  1 liter Water
  1 tomato
  25 grams of basil

Making Sauce :
  First, punch and cut the lasso, sere, and ginger then peel the onion and cut the cloves.
  After that, boil water until boiling then input rawit, Laos, salam, lemongrass, ginger, pepper and spices earlier
  After everything is mixed, input gurameh and wait until cooked
Then cut the tomato lengthwise, and basil, put both in a large bowl
  Finally, after the gurameh matures, lift and input into the bowl with ginger, raw ijo, and red onion, taraa soup gurame ready to eat.

16. How To Make Chicken rolls

Ingredients :
  500 grams chicken filet
  5 pieces of spring rolls
  20 grams of pepper
  30 grams salt
  40 grams of MSG
  40 grams of red onions
  25 grams of garlic
  100 gram tapioca flour
  Rubber bracelets to taste
  Cooking oil

Utilities :
  Blender cingcang

Steps :
  First cut onion and white thin and then fried until dry, then the pound until smooth
  Second, input chicken filet, pepper, salt, vetsin, flour, and 1 egg into blender cingcang, blended until soft
  Third, prepare spring rolls on plastic then put the dough on the spring lumpia to taste.
  Next, press the dough until all parts of the spring roll are covered flat
If all is flat, apply a little egg white on top
  Then, roll the spring rolls, do not forget to apply egg whites to the spring rolls while rolling the dough.
  After the roll, roll the lumpia beaerta dough that has been fused using the paste, then tie on each end of the plastic, tie sampe rather solid.
  Next, steam chicken in pan 30 minutes
  Finally, fry the chicken roll, after ripe cut '' according to taste

17. How To Using a gas stove

  First, attach the regulator hose into the gas cylinder, press the regulator then turn the regulator locking part in a clockwise direction
  Next, make sure there is no gas odor, the possibility of a leaky tube, or the position of the regulator is skewed
  Finally, rotate the lighter section on the stove counter-clockwise, adjust the size of the fire as needed.

  Itu dia refrensi buat kalian yang ingin membuat teks prosedur, semoga membantu.

Hanya seseorang yang ingin berbagi apa yang dia tahu dan kagumi, semoga bermanfaat untuk kita semua